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War on the Frontier : The Trans - Mississippi West - download pdf or read online

By Time-Life Books

Time-Life Civil warfare sequence 23 of 27

In this quantity of the Civil warfare sequence we glance on the battles within the West, a principally forgotten theater of the Civil battle. The territories of latest Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, the Indian Territories, Colorado and Dakota, in addition to the states of Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. whereas neither aspect would offer something with regards to the numbers of troops noticeable within the East there will be a protracted march up and down the Rio Grande in New Mexico, Guerilla raids on each side of the Kansas-Missouri, Indian combating within the Dakotas and a crusade up the crimson River.

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Hours later he and his mates finally caught sight of the stream they were seeking. "We dashed a daily battle for survival. " In Sergeant Peticolas' sketch of the Battle of Valverde, mounted Texans armed with cannon along the Rio Grande. " sight, for to the use of arms 36 a woman passenger men "were suffering effects of heat; very many some of the troops, and wrote that the wretched from the terribly them were and scarcely able to They were subsisting on bread and water, both officers and men; many of them were sick, many ragged, of travel r Pi and a-foot, from blistered feet.

40 French troops storm the huge stone fortress at Puebla after two months of relentless shelling had blasted the walls to rubble. Inside the stronghold, the besieged Mexican troops had been reduced to eating rodents and pets to stay alive. # A *J In one of the few defeats of Forey's campaign, the last survivors of a com- — pany of French Legionnaires ambushed while scouting ahead of a payroll train — make a last stand at Camerone, 20 miles from Puebla, on April 30, 1863. The Legionnaires' Danjou (above), who wore a wooden left arm as a result of injuries sustained in the Crimean War, was among the first killed.

Or\* March 28 Scale in Ifiiai 33 Running low on supplies himself and concerned that the impetuous Coloradans had left Fort Union exposed, he sent a messenger him to return at once to Then on April 1 Canby set to Slough, ordering protect that post. out from Fort Craig with 1,210 join the men to try to northern forces. At Socorro, 30 miles north of Fort Craig, Canby learned of the Texans' disaster and their withdrawal from Glorieta. Abruptly al- Canby came up with tering his plans, scheme designed a to force the Confederates from Santa Fe, then from Albuquerque and from finally New the Coloradans, Mexico.

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War on the Frontier : The Trans - Mississippi West by Time-Life Books

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