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Read e-book online The Phonetics and Phonology of Gutturals: A Case Study from PDF

By Amanda L. Miller-Ockhuizen

ISBN-10: 0203506405

ISBN-13: 9780203506400

ISBN-10: 0203579186

ISBN-13: 9780203579183

ISBN-10: 0203605616

ISBN-13: 9780203605615

ISBN-10: 0415967937

ISBN-13: 9780415967938

This booklet is the 1st designated research and outline of phonotactic sound styles affecting Khoesan click on consonant inventories. it is usually the 1st quantitive learn of phonation varieties in Khoesan languages, and the 1st examine of phonation kinds linked to pharyngeal consonants throughout. even though bases of OCP constraints were presumed to be perceptual, this is often the 1st quantitive examine exhibiting the acoustic foundation of a specific OCP constraint in a particular language. Amanda L. Miller-Ockhuizen describes the phonetics and phonology of gutturals within the Khoesan language of Ju|'hoansi. Hers is the 1st learn of voice caliber cues linked to epiglottalized vowels. therefore, it's the first learn to teach that laryngeal and pharyngeal vowels are unified phonetically through non-modal voice traits linked to them. it's also the 1st examine to teach that during addition to laryngeal coarticulation, wherein voice caliber cues linked to laryngeal consonants are unfold to a following vowel, pharyngeal coarticulation additionally contains spreading of voice caliber cues. hence, guttural consonants are united in that all of them unfold voice caliber cues onto a following vowel. Voice caliber cues came upon on vowels following guttural consonants are as huge as related cues linked to guttural vowels.This acoustic similarity is proven to be the foundation of a unique Guttural OCP constraint present in the language, that's tested to exist through co-occurrance styles discovered over a recorded database of all of the recognized roots. hence, this can be the 1st booklet to supply an in depth perceptual foundation of an OCP constraint. The database learn additionally stories a number of different novel phonotactic constraints concerning gutturals, in addition to a reanalysis of the well known again Vowel Constraint. This booklet describes either phonetics and phonology of the ordinary classification of guttural consonants, and indicates via a quantitive acoustic research how the phonetic cues linked to those sounds are the bases of phonotactic constraints concerning them.

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The relegation of certain plural clitic, segmental types to clitics is not surprising, as the lexical frequency of other properties is also skewed in clitics. For example, the Super-High (SH) tone, which is very rare on roots, is the most frequent tonal pattern found on clitics, with 6 out of the 7 known clitics bearing SH tone. This means that it is likely that these properties serve to mark clitic boundaries uniquely, just as the phonotactic constraints described in Chapter 3 serve to uniquely mark root positions.

The glottalized clicks in Ju|’hoansi may involve voiceless nasal airflow, given the fact the strong tendency for these click types to co-occur in roots with nasalized vowels. However, the consonants themselves clearly pattern as gutturals with respect to the Guttural OCP constraint described in Chapter 3. The acoustic and aerodynamic properties of these sounds will be investigated in future research. 1 Table III. Inventory of Ju|’hoansi consonants with guttural release types 20 THE PHONETICS AND PHONOLOGY OF GUTTURALS PHONETICS OF GUTTURAL CONSONANTS AND VOWELS 21 there are no voiceless aspirated nasal non-click consonants in the language.

I differ from Ladefoged and Maddieson in calling the two further back click types post-alveolar, while they refer to them simply as alveolar. Guttural consonants, which include aspirated, glottalized, epiglottalized and uvularized stops, all contain noise in the C-V transition, which is maintained throughout the following vowel via coarticulation. That is, the distinctive characteristics of guttural consonants are all release properties that follow the stop burst. This is in contrast to the voiced and nasal consonants, which exhibit low frequency energy during the closure phase.

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