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Download e-book for iPad: Programming with Sets: An Introduction to SETL by J.T. Schwartz, R.B.K. Dewar, E. Dubinsky, E. Schonberg

By J.T. Schwartz, R.B.K. Dewar, E. Dubinsky, E. Schonberg

ISBN-10: 1461395755

ISBN-13: 9781461395751

ISBN-10: 1461395771

ISBN-13: 9781461395775

The programming language SETL is a comparatively new member of the so-called "very-high-level" classification of languages, a few of whose different famous mem­bers are LISP, APL, SNOBOL, and PROLOG. those languages all goal to minimize the price of programming, well-known this day as a primary hindrance to destiny growth within the desktop box, via permitting direct manipulation of huge composite gadgets, significantly extra advanced than the integers, strings, etc., to be had in such famous mainstream languages as PASCAL, PL/I, ALGOL, and Ada. For this goal, LISP introduces based lists as facts items, APL introduces vectors and matrices, and SETL introduces the items attribute for it, specifically common finite units and maps. The direct availability of those summary, composite items, and of strong mathematical operations upon them, improves programmer velocity and pro­ductivity considerably, and likewise complements software readability and clarity. the school room outcome is that scholars, freed of a few of the load of petty programming aspect, can improve their wisdom of important algorithms and of broader strategic concerns in software improvement extra quickly than with extra traditional programming languages.

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Cc is equivalent to (not c) or cc not (not c) is equivalent to c These and other related logical equivalences can often be used to simplify Boolean expressions that occur in programs. For example, since c or ((not c) and cc) is true if and only if at least one of c and cc is true, it simplifies to cor cc Thus, instead of writing if i > j or ((not i > j) and k > j) ... in a program we can simplify this to if i > j or k > j ... Other useful relationships of this sort appear in Exercises 1 through 8.

The section of s between i and j is made equal to x, which may expand or contract s. Note that if i = j + 1, x will be inserted into s immediately before its i-th position. The case i = # s + 1,j = # s is legal and adds x to the end of s. s(i .. ) := x; this is treated exactly as if it read s(i .. # s) := x. Thus i must be an integer which is at least 1 and at most # s + 1. As an example of the case i = # s + 1, note that if s 1 and s2 are both initially equal to "ABC", then both the assignment s1(4 ..

Str x is a string that is the printable form of the value of x. 1 shows the way that the string extraction operators s(i), s(i . ), and s(i . j) behave in various marginal cases. To each string extraction operator there corresponds a string assignment operator that modifies the string section which the corresponding extraction operator would retrieve. These string assignments are indicated by writing either s(i), s(i .. ), or s(i .. 1. Behavior of String Operators in Marginal Cases Operator Condition s(i) s(i) s(i ..

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Programming with Sets: An Introduction to SETL by J.T. Schwartz, R.B.K. Dewar, E. Dubinsky, E. Schonberg

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