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FIGURE 2-14 The Method Summary for the Rectangle Class FIGURE 2-15 The API Documentation of the translate Method As you can see, the Rectangle class has quite a few methods. While occasionally intimidating for the beginning programmer, this is a strength of the standard library. If you ever need to do a computation involving rectangles, chances are that there is a method that does all the work for you. Appendix C contains an abbreviated version of the API documentation. You may find the abbreviated documentation easier to use than the full documentation.

By convention, variable names should start with a lowercase letter. These are firm rules of the Java language. If you violate one of them, the compiler will report an error. Moreover, there are a couple of conventions that you should follow so that other programmers will find your programs easy to read: · Variable and method names should start with a lowercase letter. It is OK to use an occasional uppercase letter, such as luckyNumber. This mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters is sometimes called “camel case” because the uppercase letters stick out like the humps of a camel.

The compiler will complain about an “uninitialized variable” when you use a variable that has never been assigned a value. (See Figure 2-2). All variables must be initialized before you access them. println(luckyNumber); // OK Or, even better, initialize the variable when you define it. println(luckyNumber); // OK Animation: Variable Initialization and Assignment Self Check 4. 4 Is 12 = 12 a Valid Expression? Is 12 = 12 a valid expression in the Java language? 5. ”? Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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