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In fact . ” The man paused when he noticed Jeremiah standing on the threshold. “This lab is a restricted area! ” His voice lost in a soundless scream, Jeremiah let the Uzi answer for him. Bio-psi is “soft” psionic technology, including psi-drugs, genetic engineering, and neurosurgery. Such biotech offers many risky-but-effective options for enhancing or controlling psi abilities. Ethics In settings that feature bio-psi technologies, work on such developments will encounter all the usual ethical dilemmas surrounding biotech research aimed at enhancing human performance.

This bonus lasts for 10 minutes, regardless of dosage. Shiver’s side effects are mild. After its bonus wears off, the user experiences physical shakiness and a mild fever. , three doses mean -3 to DX and 6 FP. The DX penalty lasts an hour per dose; FP losses recover normally. Shiver is available in hypo form (takes effect instantly) and pill form (takes 30 seconds). $40/dose. LC4. Trance (TL^) The opposite of drugs like Blocker (p. 33) and Monobloc (p. 34), this drug lowers the user’s natural psi resistance.

COMICS Uncanny X-Men and related series (Marvel, 1963-present). Professor X’s Cerebro is a classic psi-amplifier. Psychotronic technology is constantly invented – and forgotten – over the A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun (Kamachi Kazuma, 2004-present). Series of novels, manga, and anime set in a world where psionics and magic collide, focusing on an academy city devoted to the development of psi powers. Main characters include a boy who can negate any paranormal ability, a living magic library, and an ergokinetic schoolgirl.

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