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By David Pettigrew, Francois Raffoul

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A sustained philosophical engagement with major and inventive French interpreters of Heidegger.

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Therefore, one sees how Levinas concludes that beings and all of being, having been assimilated to Dasein, fall to solipsism; one ends up with the oxymoronic conception of a subject that is essentially transitive, but for which there is nothing externally given upon which to act, hence Levinas’s stress on the autoreferentiality of Dasein as Sorge. Bluntly, the subject acts on nothing but itself, because that’s all there is. It is inevitable, then, that Levinas would conclude that Heidegger’s notion of transcendence puts the finishing touch on the solipsism of Dasein, a solipsism in which the other, the object, has always already been leapt over and encompassed a priori in, even produced by, Dasein’s Seinsverständnis: The act of exiting the self so as to get to object—this relation of the subject to the object that modern philosophers know about—has its basis in a leap carried out beyond “beings,” understood in an ontic manner, towards ontological being, a leap that is carried out by the existence of Dasein and that is the very occurrence of this existence, not a phenomenon that is added to it.

It seems that in France the translation, under the direction of François Fédier, will follow a very slow process. One may consequently guess that, in France as well as in other countries, the time of passion pro or contra Heidegger is over. ”20 Let us nevertheless dream of a future collusion between the Seinsfrage and a still unapproachable America! Notes 1. See Georges Gurvitch, Les Tendances actuelles de la philosophie allemande (Paris: Vrin, 1930), and my book, Heidegger en France (Paris:Albin Michel, 2001), pp.

Parvis Emad and Kenneth Maly (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1999). Martin Heidegger, Gesamtausgabe 66, Besinnung (1938–1939) (Frankfurt am Main:Vittorio Klostermann, 1997). Henceforth cited as GA 66 followed by the page number. (English translation as Martin Heidegger, Mindfulness, trans. Parvis Emad and Thomas Kalary (London: Continuum International Publishing, 2006). Martin Heidegger, Gesamtausgabe 69, Die Geschichte des Seyns: 1. Die Geschichte des Seyns (1938–1940) 2. Koinon. Aus der Geschichte des Seyns (1939) (Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, 1998).

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