Beginning Perl by Simon Cozens PDF

By Simon Cozens

ISBN-10: 1861003145

ISBN-13: 9781861003140

Perl is an immensely well known scripting language that mixes the easiest gains of C, key UNIX utilities and a strong use of normal expressions. It has a variety of makes use of past uncomplicated textual content processing and is usually used for net programming - developing and parsing CGI types, validating HTML syntax and links - in addition to e mail and Usenet information filtering. Perl is more and more the procedure administrator's scripting language of selection and is used for dossier and listing manipulation, database entry and a complete variety of day-by-day method operator chores.

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So, if you use a Unicode editor for your programming: ❑ You can write your variable names in your native alphabet. ❑ You can match certain classes of symbol or character regardless of language, while processing data. Escape Sequences So, UTF8 gives us 65536 characters, and ASCII gives us 256 characters, but on the average keyboard, there only a hundred or so keys. Even using the shift keys, there will still be some characters that you aren't going to be able to type. There'll also be some things that you don't want to stick in the middle of your program, because they would make it messy or confusing.

You can also choose anywhere on your system to install the Perl programs. The only options that might cause some confusion are those related to installing Perl support into IIS (Internet Information Server) or PWS (Personal Web Server), if you have either of them installed. Setting up script mapping and ISAPI associations will enable you to run Perl programs within the web server. For development purposes, you should check all the boxes. We'll look at how to use Perl as a web scripting language in Chapter 12.

It's Really Easy Perl is not a difficult language to learn. It's a language that tries to shape itself around the way humans think about problems and provides nothing contrary to their expectations. Perls' designers believe that Perl is a populist language – and not just for the mathematicians and computer scientists of this world. I know plenty of people with scientific and non-scientific backgrounds alike who successfully use Perl. Flexibility Is Our Watchword Perl doesn't want you to see things the way the computer does – that's not what it's for.

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