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Download e-book for kindle: A Decent Ransom: A Story of a Kidnapping Gone Right by Ivana Hruba

By Ivana Hruba

ISBN-10: 1601641621

ISBN-13: 9781601641625

ISBN-10: 1601643144

ISBN-13: 9781601643148

Whilst a abducted woman's husband refuses to pay her ransom, she plots revenge with the aid of her reluctant kidnapper. Discovering her husband's plan to betray her, she frames him for her personal "murder," forcing her young kidnapper into an unexpected moral problem that might swap him forever. This shrewdpermanent and fast moving mystery blends pathos with trickery and intrigue, drawing the reader into the personal global of a susceptible 15-year-old boy who believes himself to be the savior and protector of a wronged lady.

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Gazing at his tree, Kenny waved me away. I took this as a good sign. Filled with hope, I tiptoed from the lounge and closed the door behind me. 15 Mercifully, the fight ended quickly and the house lapsed into silence again. I sat on the mattress with my back against the bed. I felt lonely and alone. The first scream had sent Me into hiding; she now lay useless, shriveled inside me like a piece of old skin. I cried a little, thinking about one thing. Why did this happen to me? Why pick us? We have no money to speak of.

Anyway, her question took me by surprise. Without thinking, I blurted out Ricky. Why I said Ricky I don’t know, but I told her this lie and there was no turning back. Besides, just then Ricky seemed to me as good a name as any. She might not have liked it though because when I said Ricky, she nodded as if her worst fears had been confirmed. Ricky, she sighed, trying to smile. I wasn’t taken in. Her nervous grinning reminded me of Fluffy, my scared little rabbit that Uncle Clem got me and which he let me keep; this happened before the funny business started but still, I eventually told Kenny about Uncle Clem’s visits.

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